Jewelry as symbol

I am blessed. I know why I do what I do.

Jewelry is an art form. It’s characteristics include line, form, light, movement, and my personal favorite: interaction with the body. Because we wear it on our bodies, I would argue this makes jewelry the most intimate art form.

But, why? Why do we wear it on our bodies?

Because often it means something. Throughout history, jewelry has been a symbol of a marriage, or a belief, or a love. We wear rings to signify our commitment, pendants to exhibit our beliefs, and even tiaras to commemorate our celebrations. Sometimes jewelry is simply a way to add color to our being – that large red ring on my finger makes me happy as it bounces around on my typing hand. Either way, jewelry nurtures our spirits and documents our journeys. After I’m gone, my relic jewelry will remain and the story will continue to be told.

Do you have a story of Jewelry As Symbol? Please share it with us! (Just leave as comment below.)


5 Responses to “Jewelry as symbol”

  1. Hi Ginger,
    You continue to amaze me, with your boundless energy and your creative spirit. Good luck with this latest venture!

  2. Thank you so much for your blog,

    I recently found my self entertaining a 2nd cousin from out of town. The spontaneity of the moment went from explaining the shop tool functions to helping him make a simple silver band, he decided he wanted some holes in it, I asked “how old are you?” (He is remarkably inquisitive for his age) “Nine” he said. So we put nine holes in it.
    I had the wonderful opportunity to explain that jewelry is special in helping us remember special times. Now he will remember many years from now of a great day.

    Jewelry is great like that!

    I linked up to your site, Hope that’s Ok? I Very much enjoy creative people.

  3. Hello Ginger,
    I studied as an archaeologist and as a jeweller. Both subjects fascinate me.
    I learned that jewellery is often used as a talisman, to keep us safe from whatever we fear may harm us. It can be used to symbolise power, and identity.
    Hope you don’t mind, but I feel a linked blog post coming on!

  4. I don’t mind at all! Association of love and story, and power and status, with jewelry is truly an longstanding practice. Amazing!

  5. […] going beyond jewelry heightens my understanding of jewelry itself. Of ornamentation. Of symbolism and association of the object to something greater and grander than the […]

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