About this blog

BLOG LAUNCHED: August 26, 2008

WRITTEN BY: Metalsmith & studio jeweler Ginger Meek Allen creating narrative pieces using silver, gold, copper, stones, paint, paper, found materials


  • The stories that come with every job – stories of birth and death, beginnings and conclusions, relationships, journeys – that are translated into jewelry. (The privacy of each client is protected by never revealing their identity online.)
  • The creative process itself – how do ideas become finished pieces?
  • Jewelry as a symbol of the things that matter most in our lives.
  • The general role of art in society.

IDEAS FOR LATER: Additional posts exploring: jewelry making how-to, featured pieces by other metalsmiths, thoughts about the creative life, the intersection of art and faith.

EVEN MORE INFO: visit website: www.gingermeekallen.com


One Response to “About this blog”

  1. As one of your Arrowmont classmates, I’ve gotta say getting to know you was one of the most inspiring aspects of the class for me. You’re so much more than a highly skilled artisan–your work seems to reflect your heart in a very special way. That’s what makes a true artist.

    Congratulations on your blog! The story of Ruth’s Song really delves into that heart-mind-hands connection and gives us all something to aspire to!

    Best of success,


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