It’s Personal

Jewelry is personal.

Jewelry is a beautiful and purposeful tool that helps us remember life’s milestones, commemorate life commitments, and express personal views.

This blog is one place I have expounded on that belief of mine, which is so central to my work. It’s safe to say it’s something I have spent lots of time thinking about and affirming in my own belief system.

So, to my surprise, I have discovered another layer in this concept.

For years I have assisted my clients as they have sought to express their belief systems and life choices with their own jewelry. For them I have been privileged to create nearly countless commitment rings, wedding bands, conceptual brooches, mother’s lockets, party earrings, baby bracelets, doggie urns, hope boxes, infant spoons, story pendants, and more.

All for them. And with tremendous gratitude to have the honor to participate in their lives in this small way, I have created these pieces with a sense of celebration – for them and for my work. They – the clients – are my partners, and we have come a long way, baby.

But, dare I say it, what about me? What do I wear? What does my own jewelry say?

Life is busy, and work is meaningful. But true to the cliche’ about the cobbler’s children’s shoes, or lack thereof, my own jewelry is often the last thing on my list. Unable to wear my original white, yellow and rose gold wedding set because of a nickel allergy (created back then by another metalsmith), my own wedding ring redesign has been sitting in a drawer waiting for my attention for, well, years now. Is it because it isn’t a priority? Is it because it costs money? Is it because there is not enough time? All of the above. None of the above.

Today I find myself in the midst of a lifechanging event. And, because I am an artist first who thinks in colors and shapes, I am innately formulating a design that exemplifies this season in my life. I am facing hysterectomy in the very near future. I am thinking of pinks and shapes with empty cores. I am also thinking of healing, not in the restoration of the original form, but in the transformation to a new form.

Perhaps I’ll get to the bench and make something for me.


~ by gingermeekallen on July 14, 2009.

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