Becoming Lost in Story – from READING THE KEY

Reconciled Themselves (To Father's Garden)Returning to a favorite form — the box — I decided to answer fewer questions than I had in previous works in the READING THE KEY series. It was time to tell the viewer less with this sculptural piece.  This represents a departure from the information-packed “Kingdom Mind” or “Weakness Scorned.”

Reconciled Themselves (ajar)“Reconciled Themselves” is a hinged-box construction, bringing to mind an architectural structure, with some personality. The sloping rooftop and lack of symmetry create a sense of wonder and ambiguity in me as I study the piece. Standing just two inches high, what is it, exactly? Perhaps a barn, or an educational building on a church campus, or an inner-city arts center. Whatever it is, surprise lies inside.

Reconciled Themselves (detail)Virtual stitches seem to hold the unit together.  Upon snapping open the structure, the viewer is greeted by deeply etched text on the floor. It is not a complete passage, or even a complete sentence, but the words are clearly an excerpt from a published writing of some sort.  The etching was achieved by an extended acid bath prior to the structural fabrication.  The resulting text includes a family name, a garden reference, and a discussion of a decision to be made, after which characters “reconciled themselves.” The entire structure is oxidized sterling silver.

The identity of the author,  the nature of the characters, and the nuances of the plot are not revealed, allowing the viewer to experience the mystical sensation of being completely lost in story.

Reconciled Themselves (detail 2)


~ by gingermeekallen on May 16, 2009.

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  1. Cool.
    Very, very cool.

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