The Muse Is Back

Not too long ago, I noticed it was raining on my bench.

After a severe creative drought, the muse finally returned. And now, there are sparks flying!

Stay tuned, sign up for the email updates if you haven’t already. This blog will soon be red hot.

What does it mean to have a muse?

I heard author Elizabeth Gilbert speak about geniuses and daemons in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that an artist would be visited in his studio by a “genius” (or “daemon”). The genius would guide or inspire the artist to create the work. Some geniuses were probably more lame than others, hence the caliber of the resulting artwork – some good, some not. Only in the last few centuries did people come to believe that the artist himself was the genius – the creative genius. Like Gilbert, I would submit to you that that is just a little too much pressure for a single human psyche. I prefer the older view, and I believe it to be true for me as I know I am not a genius but sometimes have a genius, a muse.

I realize this will come as a foreign concept to most. What I am speaking of is a spiritual collaboration that happens in the course of the creative process.  And as much as I love to analyze everything, I really cannot explain it any better. It is outside of my realm of control or full understanding, and I’m okay with that. I choose to participate and engage when it happens. In fact, I would hate to miss it.

I believe I was created creative. To create, I must first acknowledge my createdness, and my Creator.


~ by gingermeekallen on April 21, 2009.

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