Choosing Change: Craving it, Thriving on it

The studio has been stagnant lately. We’ve been steadily doing repairs and plugging away on cool commissions, but the muse must be sleeping.

I know that if the muse didn’t nap from time to time, I’d probably be exiled or buried by now. The constant thrill of surging creativity would just simply be too much to bear. However, I still don’t like the dark.

This recurrent phenomenon just happens. Over the years, I’ve learned to just weather it. Keep on moving, hopefully forward. But, fortunately, there are a few little things that I’ve noticed that are helpful.

CHANGE. Change. change.

Yes, it is the one constant. And there seem to be two types: the change that is circumstantial or the result of choices other people make, and the change that I create for myself — the change I choose. But either way, resisting change is foolish. It’s not going away.

So, while the muse is sleeping and the studio feels stagnant, and I find myself becoming stagnant as well, I know it’s time to change something. Choose it.

Now, don’t take my pillow. I don’t want to change that. But, let’s move the table. It will work in this corner. Let’s reverse our routine – get the paper before I start brewing the coffee. Put a box of colored pencils beside the doodle pad, and get rid of the blue ink.

My friend, David LaMotte, wrote a song about change.

KEEP THE CHANGE by David LaMotte

Maybe twenty years ago now
You were waiting tables and wiping chairs
He never looked up from his menu
Like you weren’t even there
You just knew that he would stiff you
So put together and self-absorbed
He slapped a fifty on the ticket
And he muttered these few words

There isn’t much you get to keep
Here’s a little tip
Keep the change

So this morning you were driving
It came screaming through your head
How nineteen turned to forty
Like yellow turned to red
How waitress turned to mother
How love bug turned to van
How that money turned to nothing
When he put it in your hand

(repeat chorus)

Just a rich guy in a diner
Left a bad joke with his bill
The cash was gone by Sunday
But the words are ringing still

Now you’re crouching in the front yard
With your fingers in the ground
The weeds keep pushing up
While your own body’s slowing down
Don’t waste your breath on wishing
No need to raise your voice
Change is always optional
If dying is a choice

(repeat chorus)



~ by gingermeekallen on February 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Choosing Change: Craving it, Thriving on it”

  1. Hi Ginger – I am not sure I’ve ever commented here before – but I’ve long admired your work. Your approach to dealing with your muse, or lack thereof, is really intersting – creating change in little areas of your life – getting the paper, etc……..very intersting. A little kick to the brain cells, not too drastic, but enough to shake ’em up a little. I like it.

    I stopped by your website and read your whole ‘artists statement’. Enjoyed that as well. I have a little blurb on my actual website about believing we are all endowed with ‘creativity’ because we are all made in God’s image and of course God is a creator! So it was really intersting to me to read your statement.

    Keep creating!

  2. Janice, thanks! It is true that most big things start as a lot of little things, right?

  3. Wow, Ginger. Wow. As I sit here trying to think of a clever way to tell you how moving this piece is for me, it occurred to me: this writing is a wonderful piece of creativity. You are imbued with it. How could you write so beautifully in so few words what takes others a lifetime to communicate? How did that happen? You are creative all the time. You know what you need to stay vibrant. You know that the absentee thing that gets your hands to working on a new piece that really excites you will return. You know who you are. You just needed a little reminder that you were Created Creative!

  4. This was really written beautifully. It is nice to see how others cope with the down times with depression or laziness sinking in. I think I am going to try out some of your ideas and do a little “spring cleaning” as well. I know what you mean about a slight shift of things will wake you. Thanks for this! Glad I accidently found this!

  5. Ginger- Thanks for your great post- I will pass it on to some other artist friends. I am reminded of a qoute that always makes me smile when I am going through a dark time, “when you are going through hell, keep going”
    Somehow this simple reminder not to stop and wallow in the temporary “hell” helps me remeber another quote “this too shall pass” – GAIL

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