Saltshaker Days – Simple ways to fuel creativity

During the drive to Quirk Gallery in Richmond, Va., last week, fellow metalsmith Tara F. and I talked about the nuances of the creative life, or, the duties of having been created creative.

Quirk Gallery is a fine contemporary craft gallery presenting wonderful work in a wonderful way. We were headed to Quirk for “Unplug with Bob” — a intimate luncheon with Bob Ebendorf. Bob recently completed a vault project at Quirk, and Tara and I always enjoy an opportunity to connect with Bob. He shared an array of raw materials and talked about how he would approach each one. It’s always enlightening to gain insight into the mind of a master.

Tara and I have both studied at Penland School of Crafts previously, and we always relish the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the studio, at the bench, our creative processes unencumbered by the all the wonderful duties and relationships that are the stuff of life. It is possible to reach a new realm in your work when you have the luxury of both quality and quantity time.

Of course, this kind of intensive enrichment is simply not possible on a daily basis at home.

But, that’s okay. The key is to create access to the same level of enrichment for oneself at home. Figuratively resting on a shelf in a high-traffic area, available on an as-needed basis.

Like a saltshaker.

No one wants to eat only salt all the time. But a little here and there can make all the difference in the flavor of your life. Going too long without it can mean an artist finds herself suddenly lost in a creative wasteland.

Excursions like studying at Penland or having lunch with Bob is our salt. Or, sometimes exploring the web or reading a new book can be a little salty. Just enough to keep us flavored until the next saltshaker moment.



~ by gingermeekallen on November 13, 2008.

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